Hoodies are a Snickers essential as they are very soft and breathable so you feel the right temperature, Check out our Hoodies available now

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Snickers 2800 Classic Hoodie
Snickers 2800 Hoodies Sweatshirt NewModel: 2800 SnickersDescription Of the Snickers 2800 Hoodies Swe..
Snickers 2801 Classic Zip Hoodie
Snickers 2801 Zipped Hoodie Sweatshirt NewModel: 2801 SnickersDescription Of the Snickers 2801 Zippe..
Snickers 2881 Logo Hoodie
2881 Logo HoodieModel: 2881 DescriptionThe raised collar of this high quality hoodie offers coz..
Snickers 2888 Full Zip Logo Hoodie
Snickers 2888 Full Zip Logo HoodieModel: 2888 DescriptionFull-zip hoodie made of a soft and com..
Snickers 2889 Logo Hoodie
Snickers 2889 Logo HoodieModel: 2889 DescriptionMade of a soft 400 g/m² cotton and polyester bl..
Snickers 8041 FlexiWork Fleece Hoodie
Snickers 8041 Flexiwork Fleece Hoodie Model: Snickers 8041   Description A modern hoodie ma..
Snickers 8042 FlexiWork Fleece Jacket
Snickers 8042 FlexiWork Fleece JacketModel: 8042 DescriptionContemporary jacket made of soft me..
Snickers 8039 AllroundWork High-Vis FZ Hoodie
Snickers 8039 AllroundWork High-Vis FZ HoodieModel: 8039 DescriptionStay visible and warm in th..
Snickers 8002 FlexiWork POLARTEC® 2.0 Stretch Fleece Hoodie
Snickers 8002 POLARTEC® 2.0 Stretch Fleece HoodieModel: 8002 DescriptionVersatile fleece hoodi..
Snickers 8025 FlexiWork Neon Hoodie
Snickers 8025 FlexiWork Neon HoodieModel: 8025 DescriptionNeon hoodie made of 4-way stretch fab..
Snickers 2801 X 2 Classic Zip Hoodie New
Snickers Workwear 2801 x 2 Zipped Hoodie Sweatshirt NewModel: 2801 x 2 SnickersDescription..
Snickers 2812 x 2 Heavy Sweatshirt
Snickers Workwear 2 x 2812 Heavy Sweatshirt, Snickers Heavy SweatshirtModel: 2812 Snickers Heavy Swe..
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