Kneepads are very flexible and protective so tehy are suited to any kind of need, they have ergonomic designs so they are able to fitt on slim fit trousers and they are all brand recognisable like Snickers and CAT. Check out our Kneepads available now.

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Snickers 9112 D30 Lite Craftsman Kneepads
Snickers 9112 D30 Lite Craftsman Kneepads Snickers KneepadsDescription of the D30 Lite Craftsman Kne..
Fento Pocket
Fento PocketModel: F280100 DescriptionThe FENTO POCKET is an ergonomic knee protector specially..
JCB Kneepads
JCB KneepadsModel: C-BP DescriptionErgonomically designed knee pads providing durability, comfo..
Redbacks Kneeler Pad
Redbacks Kneeler Pad Model: RCKN35   Description The Redbacks® Kneeler Pad contains..
Redbacks Pocket Knee Pads
Redbacks Pocket Knee PadsModel: Redbacks RDLW20 DescriptionThe Redbacks pocket knee pads are a ..
Redbacks Strapped Knee Pads
Redbacks Strapped Knee Pads Model: Redbacks STLW20   Description The Redbacks strap..
Snickers 9110 Knee Pads
Snickers Workwear 9110 Knee Pads 9110 Snickers KneepadsDescription of the Snickers KneepadsSave your..
Snickers 9169 D3O® Ergo Craftsmen Kneepads
Snickers 9169 D3O® Ergo Craftsmen KneepadsModel: 9169 DescriptionErgonomically shaped kneepads ..
Snickers Workwear 9118 Kneepads 9118, Snickers Kneepads
Snickers Workwear 9118 Kneepads 9118, Snickers KneepadsDescription of the Snicekers knee pads 9118Th..
Snickers Workwear 9191 D30 Kneepads, Snickers Kneepads
Snickers 9191 D30 Kneepads Snickers Knee PadsDescription of the 9191 D30 KneepadsSnickers Clothing H..
CAT CW91 Kneepads For Workwear Trousers
Caterpillar CW91 Ergonomic Articulated KneepadsFeatures:• Fits all Cat® garments• Cat branded and er..
CAT Redbacks Kneepads
CAT Redbacks Kneepads Model:CAT-YELL   Description The Redbacks Kneepad is a unique patente..
DeWalt Pro Gel Black Kneepads
DeWalt Pro Gel Black Kneepads Model: PROGEL-KNEE-   Description The DeWalt Pro Gel Black Kn..
Fento 2 Original Clip Elastics
Fento 2 Original Clip ElasticsModel: E280202 DescriptionThese elastic straps were specially dev..
Fento 2 Original Elastics
Fento 2 Original ElasticsModel: E280201 DescriptionThese elastic straps with Velcro were specia..
Fento 4 Max Clip Elastics
Fento 4 Max Clip ElasticsModel: E280402 DescriptionThese elastic straps were specially develope..
Fento 4 Max Elastics
Fento 4 Max ElasticsModel: E280401 DescriptionThese elastic straps with Velcro were specially d..
Fento Board
Fento BoardModel: F280500 DescriptionThe FENTO BOARD is our latest ergonomic knee pad. This pro..
Fento Max
Fento Max Model: F280440 DescriptionThe FENTO MAX is the big brother of the FENTO ORIGINAL, the..
Fento Max Inlay
Fento Max Inlay Model: P280004 DescriptionThis breathable inlay was specially developed for the..
Fento Original
Fento Original Model: F280220 DescriptionThe FENTO ORIGINAL is our best-selling product. It nat..
Fento Original Inlay
Fento Original InlayModel: P280003 Description FeaturesEnsures the correct distribution of..
Fento Original Max Protection Caps
Fento Original Max Protection CapsModel:  DescriptionThese protective covers were specially dev..
Snickers Workwear 9111 Kneepads Snickers Kneepads
Snickers Workwear 9111 Kneepads, Snickers KneepadsModel: 9111 SnickrsDescription Os the Snickers Kne..
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