About Safety Boots UK

Safety Boots UK is a leading distributor of high quality safety boots from a massive range of top named brands owned by J.& B.ELECTRIC POWER TOOL CO.LIMITED. From JCB to Dr Martens, Cofra and Toe Guard, we have a huge selection of safety brands for you to choose from. Safety Boots UK is committed to providing the best products combined with unbeatable customer service. Our dedicated customer care team will help you find the perfect safety boot tailored to the needs of your job, guaranteeing the perfect fit. Find us online or in store at Kent Street, Blackburn.

Safety Shoes

Safety shoes have become a popular item in PPE, offering protection for your feet no matter what your job entails. Safety shoes don’t just protect your toes from impact, they also have a whole range of protective qualities to help keep your feet safe on site. From anti-slip resistance to the waterproof resistance of GORE-TEX, each pair of safety shoes has a wide range of features to help you stay safe. Buy a pair of safety shoes from Safety Boots UK to experience unparalleled style and protection.

Safety Boots

At Safety Boots UK, we have a huge range of safety boots for sale to tailor to your needs. From rigger boots to dealer boots, metatarsal boots and more, we stock a massive variety of styles for different types of industries and work environments. Safety boots are specifically designed to keep your feet safe on site, offering everything from anti slip soles, waterproof outers, energy absorbing heels and loads of other features to keep your feet safe and comfortable throughout the day.

Safety Trainers

We stock a variety of safety trainers for loads of jobs and industries, offering a sporty alternative to the traditional work boot. At Safety Boots UK, we have a massive collection of safety trainers for sale, including styles from Cofra, Amblers, DeWalt and more.

We can ship our safety footwear in bulk or singly to over 50 countries around the world. Safety Boots UK is committed to delivering only the very best in safety footwear to every possible application; whether it be casual wear of high intensity specialist footwear, we have a huge range of work boots to suit you.