Our Non Metallic Safety Shoes are very high quality with maximum comfort, they can be used in any setting or work enviroment with their lightweight and flexible exterior. Check out our Non Metallic Safety Shoes available now.

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Amblers FS38C Black Safety Shoes
Amblers FS38C Safety Shoes Model: FS38C   Description Non metallic safety shoe fro..
Amblers FS662 Black Metal Free Safety Shoes
Amblers FS662 Black ESD Safety Shoes Composite Toe CapsModel: FS662 DescriptionESD Footwear is ..
Cofra Tiberius Metal Free Safety Shoes
Cofra Tiberius Safety ShoesModel: TIBERIUS- DescriptionBlack water repellent Lorica slip on sho..
Cofra Vithar ESD Safety Sandals
Cofra Vithar Metal Free Safety Sandals Model: VITHAR   D..
Cofra Alexander Metal Free Safety Shoes
Cofra Alexander Metal Free Safety Shoes Model: Cofra Alexander   Description The Co..
Cofra Hymir ESD Safety Shoes
Cofra Hymir ESD Safety ShoesModel: Hymir Cofra DescriptionCofra Hymir Safety Shoes are metal fr..
Cofra Burnley Metal Free Safety Shoes
Cofra Burnley Safety Shoes Model: Cofra Burnley   Description Cofra..
Cofra Guttorm ESD Safety Sandals
Cofra Guttorm ESD Safety Shoes Model: Guttorm-   Description The Cofra Guttorm is a black l..
Haix Black Eagle 610005 ESD Safety Shoes
Haix Black Eagle 610005 ESD Safety Shoes Model: 610005 DescriptionThe Haix Black Eagle is a mod..
Lavoro X5XXL Safety Shoes
Lavoro X5XXL Safety ShoesModel: X5XXL FeaturesUpper made from full grain leatherSteel toecap re..
Magnum Active Duty Safety Shoes
Magnum Active Duty Safety ShoesModel: M801357- FeaturesComposite safety toecapHigh traction sli..
Cofra Aegir ESD Safety Shoes
Cofra Aegir ESD Safety ShoesModel: Cofra Aegir DescriptionThe Cofra Aegir is a safety shoe offe..
Cofra Hodur ESD Safety Shoes
Cofra Hodur ESD Safety ShoesModel: Hodur- DescriptionThe Cofra Hodur is a black leather safety ..
Cofra Jungle Black ESD Safety Sandals
Cofra Jungle ESD Safety SandalsModel: Jungle- DescriptionThe Cofra Jungle Safety Sandals are ma..
Sterling Airside SS705CM Safety Trainers
Sterling Airside SS705CM Safety TrainersModel: SS705CM DescriptionUnisex 100% non-metallic ligh..
Amblers FS661 Black ESD Slip On Safety Shoes
Amblers FS661 ESD Slip On Safety Shoes Shoes Metal Free Model: FS661   Description ..
Apache Venus Black Safety Trainers
Apache Venus Black Safety TrainersModel: VENUS- DescriptionSuede and mesh upper with padded ton..
Cofra Makalu BIS GORE-TEX Safety Shoes
Cofra Makalu GORE-TEX Safety TrainersModel: MAKALU-BIS- DescriptionBlack water repellent f..
Cofra Teraina Metal Free Safety Shoes
Cofra Teraina Safety ShoesModel: TERAINA- DescriptionThe Cofra Teraina is a brown, water repell..
Himalayan 4115 Black Garona Safety Shoes
Himalayan 4115 Black Garona Safety ShoesModel: 4115 FeaturesBlack Nubuck Leather/Synthetic Uppe..
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