Composite Safety Trainers are 100% metal free with a composite "rubber" toe cap.  They have extreme comfort and are all big recognisable brands such as Cofra, Haix and UPower. Check out our Composite safety trainers available now

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Amblers FS40C Black Safety Trainers
Amblers Black Safety Trainers Model: FS40C   Description Stylish safety trainer wi..
UPower Brezza Metal Free Safety Trainers
UPower Brezza Metal Free Safety Shoes Model: RR20196   Description The UPower Brezza are li..
Amblers FS42C Safety Trainers
Amblers Safety Trainers FS42C Model: FS42C   Description Stylish metal-free safety trainer..
Cofra Caravaggio Safety Trainers
Cofra Caravaggio Black Metal Free Safety Trainers Model: Cofra Caravaggio Black   Descriptio..
Cofra Electric Safety Trainers
Cofra Electric Safety Trainers Model: ELECTRIC-   Features UPPER: Highly breathable fabri..
Cofra New Suez Safety Trainers
Cofra New Suez Safety TrainersModel: Cofra New Suez DescriptionThe Cofra New Suez is a metal-fr..
Amblers FS34C Safety Trainers
Amblers Composite Safety TrainersModel: FS34C DescriptionStylish unisex safety trainer with com..
Cofra Taranta Safety Trainers
Cofra Taranta Safety TrainersModel: TARANTA- FeaturesUPPER: Breathable MICROTECHEXTERNAL LINING..
Amblers FS59C Ladies Safety Trainers
Amblers FS59C Ladies Safety TrainersModel: FS59C DescriptionMetal-Free safety shoe from the Lad..
Cofra Bikram Brown Safety Trainers
Cofra Bikram Brown Safety TrainerModel: BIKRAM-BRN- FeaturesUPPER: Water repellent printed leat..
Cofra Saturn ESD Safety Trainers
Cofra Saturn Safety TrainerModel: SATURN- FeaturesUPPER: TECHSHELL, innovative and extremely st..
V12 V1915 Boost IGS Womens Safety Trainers
V12 V1915 Boost IGS Womens Safety TrainersModel: V1915/ DescriptionBuilt on a women’s foot shap..
Cofra Sunrise GORE-TEX Safety Trainers
Cofra Sunrise GORE-TEX Safety Boots Model: SUNRISE   Description Cofra..
Cofra Cool Safety Trainers
Cofra Cool Safety TrainersModel: COOL- FeaturesUPPER: Water repellent RE PET recycled fabric mi..
Cofra Mendeleev Safety Trainers
Cofra Mendeleev Safety TrainerModel: MENDELEEV- FeaturesUPPER: Water repellent nubuckEXTERNAL L..
Cofra Tremiti Safety Trainers
Cofra Tremiti Safety TrainersModel: TREMITI- FeaturesUPPER: Highly breathable fabric and suede ..
V12 V1910 Boost IGS Safety Trainers
V12 V1910 Boost IGS Safety TrainersModel: V1910/ DescriptionFeaturing a lightweight nano compos..
UPower Astro ESD Safety Trainers
UPower Astro ESD Safety Trainers Metal Free Model: RL20254   Description ..
Cofra Expression Safety Trainers
Cofra Expression Safety TrainerModel: EXPRESSION- FeaturesUPPER: Highly breathable fabricINTERN..
Cofra Flexing Safety Trainers
Cofra Flexing Safety TrainerModel: FLEXING- FeaturesUPPER: Highly breathable fabricINTERNAL LIN..
Cofra Monet Black Safety Trainers
Cofra Monet Black Safety TrainersModel: MONETBLK- FeaturesUPPER: Water repellent nubuckEXTERNAL..
Cofra Run Safety Trainers
Cofra Run Safety Trainers Model: RUN-   Features UPPER: Punched suede leather EXTERNAL L..
Cofra Split Safety Trainers
Cofra Split Safety TrainerModel: SPLIT- FeaturesUPPER: Punched suede leatherEXTERNAL LINING: Hi..
Cofra Thai Safety Trainers
Cofra Thai Safety TrainerModel: THAI- FeaturesUPPER: Breathable MICROTECHEXTERNAL LINING: Breat..
V12 V1930 Turbo IGS Safety Trainers
V12 V1930 Turbo IGS Safety TrainersModel: V1930/ DescriptionFeaturing a lightweight nano compos..
V12 Velocity IGS V1955 Womens Safety Trainers
V12 Velocity IGS V1955 Womens Safety TrainersModel: V1955/ DescriptionBuilt on a women’s foot s..
Cofra New Adriatic Safety Trainers
Cofra New AdriaticModel: Cofra New Adriatic S1 P SRC DescriptionThe Cofra New Adriatic are meta..
Solid Gear Vapor 3 Air Safety Sandals
Solid Gear Vapor 3 Air Safety SandalsModel: SG80016- DescriptionVapor’s third generation is upg..
UPower Linkin ESD Safety Trainers
UPower Linkin ESD Safety Trainers Metal Free Model: RL20254   Description ..
Cofra Weal Safety Trainers
Cofra Weal Safety Trainers Model: WEAL-   Features UPPER: Water repellent leather EXTERN..
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