Lightweight Safety Trainers are very comfortable and very good quality with high safety ratings, some with GORE-TEX material. They come in a array of different sizes, silloettes and colours, perfect for everyday use. Check out our Lightweight Safety Trainers available now.

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Cofra Petri Safety Trainers
Cofra Petri Safety TrainersModel: Cofra Petri DescriptionThe Cofra Petri are black safety train..
Cofra Meazza Safety Trainers
Cofra Meazza Trainers With Aluminium Toecaps & Composite MidsoleModel: Cofra Meazza Descrip..
Cofra Sivori Safety Trainers
Cofra Sivori Safety TrainersModel: Cofra Sivori DescriptionThe Cofra Sivori are casual/sporty s..
UPower Brezza Metal Free Safety Trainers
UPower Brezza Metal Free Safety Shoes Model: RR20196   Description The UPower Brezza are li..
UPower Fangio Safety Trainers
UPower Fangio Safety TrainersModel: UF20186 DescriptionThe UPower Fangio are low, light and com..
UPower Robert Safety Trainers
UPower Robert Safety Shoes Model: UF20096   Description The UPower Robert is a lightweight ..
Solid Gear Hydra GORE-TEX BOA Safety Trainers
Solid Gear Hydra GORE-TEX GTX BOA Safety TrainersModel: SG80006 DescriptionHydra GTX and Hydra ..
Cofra Alice Ladies Safety Trainers
Cofra Alice Ladies Safety TrainersModel: Cofra Alice DescriptionThe Cofra Alice is a lightweigh..
Cofra Electric Safety Trainers
Cofra Electric Safety Trainers Model: ELECTRIC-   Features UPPER: Highly breathable fabri..
Cofra Bikila Safety Trainers
Cofra Bikila Safety Trainers Model: BIKILA-   Description C..
Cofra Taranta Safety Trainers
Cofra Taranta Safety TrainersModel: TARANTA- FeaturesUPPER: Breathable MICROTECHEXTERNAL LINING..
UPower Emotion ESD Safety Trainers
UPower Emotion ESD Safety Trainers Model: RL20086   Description The..
Cofra Bikram Brown Safety Trainers
Cofra Bikram Brown Safety TrainerModel: BIKRAM-BRN- FeaturesUPPER: Water repellent printed leat..
Cofra Break Safety Trainers
Cofra Break Safety TrainersModel: BREAK DescriptionThe Cofra Break safety trainers are a sporty..
Cofra Guerin Safety Trainers
Cofra Guerin Safety Trainers Model: Guerin-   Description Blue punched suede leath..
Cofra Saturn ESD Safety Trainers
Cofra Saturn Safety TrainerModel: SATURN- FeaturesUPPER: TECHSHELL, innovative and extremely st..
UPower Club ESD Safety Trainers
UPower Club ESD Safety Trainers Model: RL20114   Description The UP..
UPower Kick ESD Safety Trainers
UPower Kick ESD Safety Trainers Model: RL20023   Description The UP..
UPower Point ESD Safety Trainers
UPower Point ESD Safety Trainer Model: RL20036   Description The UP..
UPower Verok ESD Safety Trainers
UPower Verok ESD Safety Trainers Model: RL20216   Description ..
Cofra Braddock Safety Trainers
Cofra Braddock Safety TrainersModel: BRADDOCK- FeaturesUPPER: Water repellent nubuckEXTERNAL LI..
Cofra Carnera Safety Trainers
Cofra Carnera Safety TrainersModel: CARNERA DescriptionCofra Carnera safety trainers are tailor..
Cofra Cool Safety Trainers
Cofra Cool Safety TrainersModel: COOL- FeaturesUPPER: Water repellent RE PET recycled fabric mi..
Cofra Mendeleev Safety Trainers
Cofra Mendeleev Safety TrainerModel: MENDELEEV- FeaturesUPPER: Water repellent nubuckEXTERNAL L..
Cofra Monti Safety Trainers
Cofra Monti Safety TrainersModel: MONTI- FeaturesUPPER: TECHSHELL, innovative and extremely stu..
Cofra Padel Safety Trainers
Cofra Padel Safety Trainers Model: PADEL-   Features UPPER: Breathable fabric and suede l..
Cofra Score Safety Trainers
Cofra Score Safety TrainerModel: SCORE- FeaturesUPPER: Punched suede leatherINTERNAL LINING: Un..
Cofra Snap Safety Trainers
Cofra Snap Safety Trainers Model: SNAP-   Features UPPER: Punched suede-like microfibre ..
Cofra Tremiti Safety Trainers
Cofra Tremiti Safety TrainersModel: TREMITI- FeaturesUPPER: Highly breathable fabric and suede ..
JCB Trekker Black Safety Trainers
JCB Trekker Black Safety TrainersModel: TREKKER- DescriptionS1P rated sports styled lightweight..
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