Non Safety Shoes

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Haix Black Eagle Athletic 2.1 Black Low Shoes
Haix Black Eagle Athletic 2.1 Low Shoe BlackModel: 330016- DescriptionThe HAIX Black Eagle Athl..
HAIX Airpower C1 Service Shoes
HAIX Airpower C1 Service ShoeModel: 100501- DescriptionPolice officers who are frequently on du..
HAIX Airpower C7 Service Shoes
HAIX Airpower C7 Service ShoeModel: 100302- DescriptionThe HAIX Airpower C7 is a waterproof and..
Haix Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Low/Black
Haix Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Low/BlackModel: 340001- DescriptionThe Black Eagle Tactical 2..
Haix Office Leder Service Shoes
Haix Leder Office ShoesModel: 100004- DescriptionThe HAIX Office Leather is a modern work shoe ..
Grubs Woodline 5.0 Shoes
Grubs WOODLINE 5.0™ ShoesModel: GWOOD-GRN- DescriptionThe Grubs WOODLINE 5.0™ slip on shoe is a..
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